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Organization Assessment

It is employee attitude survey to grasp the strategic strength point of the organization by examining the current state of the organization correctly. It is one of the important factors to make the business productivity improve and the strengthen the management by adequately understanding the present strong point and weak point (ability, mechanism, and culture of the organization), and to ensure the creation of reinforced improvement plan in the future. In the high performance organization, the business strategy and the organizational strategy are strengthened and corrected based on the result of the organizational assessment, and generally the performance improves by executing those strategic measures. 

Characteristics of HPO organization assessment

Checking comprehensive organization
It is not only mere satisfaction rating investigation but also checks the cause affected the business productivity so it is possible to comprehensively (10 Organizational axis of in right figure) understand the actual condition of organizational management.
Strategic improvement plan connected directly with business productivity
Grasp the good and bad points of the organization and priority order of the issue, and can create precise improvement plan for the organization goal accomplishment.
Simple Investigation
It can be completed in about 20 minutes just to answer the questions related to the action .
Follow up support
Perform suitable advise and follow-up training related to the preparation, adoption, and followup of strengthening improvement idea, so the diagnostic outcome can surely efficiently link to strengthening of business productivity, organizational strength, and employee’s morale etc.(Refer to right figure: The result improves in all the axes.)

Changes of the result of employee cociousness survey result after the implementation of our company program.