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High Performance Organization Development

Sustainable change is achieved through organizational development and change. However, as professor John Kotter claimed, that nearly 70% of changeprograms did not meet their goals. Nevertheless, HPO Creation has been helping client organizations achieve significant organizational results, e.g., increasing productivity and employee engagement by +20to 30%. Our secret is a combination of (a) globally tested OD/change methodologies and (b) exprienced OD/OC professionals who have accumplished a wide variety of change programs. HPO change programs will assist you to create high performance ‘culture,’ ‘capability’ and ‘systems’ that will you achieve a sustainable organizational growth.

Process of building high performance organization.

Process of building high performance organization.

Flow of basic support.

  • Pre-program Assessment
  • We will align on the goals with you, and conduct preliminary hearing and assessment.
  • Program Proposal
  • We will propose preliminary solutions.
  • Program Initiation
  • We will conduct a full scale assessment to finalize the plans.
  • Implementation
  • We will help clients implement change programs.
  • Follow-up
  • We will follow up and follow through to achieve target goals.

Main programs

Strategic change, organization development, culture change, M&A,etc.
Strategic Human Resources implementation, HR policy change, HRD & Talent Management change, etc.
BPR (business process reengineering), WorkOut/work simplefication

Expected result

productivity and efficiency improvement
Increase in cycle time and speed
Increase in people capability and commitment
Organization culture change
Performance and revenue improvement
Sustainable change platform and capability in client organizations
Voice Of CustomerVoice Of Customer

“I realized the methodologies and tools to successfully accomplish the change. I am confident we could make the change happen.”
(Management. Hotel)

“While we, participants, were from competitive companies integrated through M&A, we could eliminate our biases and fear, and became a good team.”
(Sale Director, Manufacturing)