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Creative Leadership Development

What is the leadership and management program for the 21st century? It is the program that helps leaders to achieve sustainable results and growth in this ever-changing environment. HPO Creation will partner with you to build 21st century leadership capability, leveraging our extensive global leadership development experiences and most up-to-date learning and performance know-hows with superb facilitators.

Core leader development programs.

Team Leader Workshop
To acquire skills to build team work and enhance team performance.
Basic Management Workshop
To learn fundamental management skills to manage business, people and team.
Change Leadership Workshop
To acquire skills to lead the change successfully.
Creative Leadership Workshop
To learn how to deliver results more creatively while involving stakeholders.
Executive Development Workshop
To learn strategic management skills to lead organizational change.
Executive Team Workshop
To learn to build a real team among executive team members toward achieving a common goals.
Executive Coaching
Help become ideal executives/leaders through individual coaching and practices.

Capability to Strengthen

We will customize the program based on your needs, current situations and target results.


Target Audience People Results Business Results
Function Heads
Business change leadership skills,
organizational change leadership skills,
Executive leadership skills,
Mentoring skills
Visioning and strategic planning skills,
strategy deployment skills,
foresight and judgment skills
Team leaders
Team leadership skills,
people development and management skills,
facilitation skills,
influencing and negotiation skills
Strategic business management skills,
innovation skills,
change management skills,
BPR skills
Interpersonal Leaders Basic management skills,
interpersonal skills,
communication and coaching skills
Daily business management skills,
analytical and improvement skills,
time management skills

Expected Result

Able to lead the change efforts via acquiring strategic business and organizational skills
Able to enhance members’ trust, commitment, productivity and performance.
Able to solve participants’ real challenges and problems to achieve their target results
Able to learn their own strengths and improvement areas, and actually work on strengthening their capability

Program Characteristics.

We will offer the 21st century leadership and management fundamental skills and mindset, so you can actually use them on the job.
We will offer the best pracices of developing business, people and teams, that are tested at global leading companies like P&G.
We will use a proven “Action Research” OD approach, so that the participants will be able to achieve real learning and target results.
Our results indicate the participants’ behaviors and organizational change results have sustained beyond 6 – 12months.
Voice Of CustomerVoice Of Customer

“I’ve experienced a real mindset shift during the session. I am now fully committed to making changes and leading the change toward better organization future vision.”
(Manager, Medical Industry)

“I’ve learned practical methods to develop my team and members, and gained various insights around leadership behaviors and impacts.”
(Manager, Electronic Industry)