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CEO Profile

CEO Yoshiharu Matsui MBA,CMA,CAIA,CBC

Professional facilitator, trainer, and executive coach cum consultant who supports promotion of high performance organization creation and global leader. Lead and hands on practice in business construction, management reformation, and human resources development in 4 major foreign companies including P&G. He contributes to the business strengthening in the first half of his career for 10 years or more as marketing leader and the brand management.


He contributes to the leadership promotion and strengthening of organizational strength in the latter half 10 years as the director of Human resource department in Japan and Asian nations, Head of Organizational development North East Asia in internal training of corporate university and training (Internal Consultant), leadership promotion and organizational strengthening by introducing BPR, Performance organization development program.


At present supports the European and American educational institutions, and institutional development and networking, supports the invention of better high performance organization (HPO) by providing practical human resource development and organizational reformation program proven by leading edge theoretical concept and work place.

CEO Yoshiharu Matsui MBA,CMA,CAIA,CBC