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Privacy policy

We, HPO Creation recognizes that it is our responsibility to protect your personal information. We therefore implement the following policies.

Regarding collection,
we clarifies the objective of collecting personal information, and legally collect information.
Regarding the usage,
we only use our collected information to help our clients achieve their objectives via consulting, training and coaching.
Regard the sharing the information,
we will not share the collected information, unless legally required.
Regarding the management of the collected information,
we safely store and manage information via information security measures. Also, we will delete the collected information after completing the assigned project.
Regarding the response to clients’ request,
we will modify, delete and/or add the information, responding to the request from the clients.
Regarding the promotion of our privacy policy,
we promote and disseminate theknow-hows of privacy policy, review and improve our measures.


July 1, 2010,
Yoshiharu Matsui,
CEO of HPO Creation