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Strategic Sales & Marketing

It is a shortcut to improve marketing and mechanism of business, and the ability to increase sales steadily by two digits. It is a program to improve the business productivity, and acquire innovative marketing clout that proved the effect in the enterprises of 3000 companies or more in the world. The profit can surely be increased by nurturing the strategic professional business, marketing human resource, and by nurturing the managers who manages the team. It is the best program for overseas business to deal in a more global business environment not to mention of Japan.

Impact selling system.

It is an revolutionary business training program to win the 21st century developed by our tie-up enterprise, and business consulting company and the Brooks group in the United States. Can comprehensively acquire the principle of the method of business strategy creation, business process, skill from experience. Various enterprises exceeding 3000 types of business including IBM and Microsoft progress the improvement of the sales fertility and sales.

Impact sales management.

It is a business management reinforced program that practice impact selling system, leads business team in strategy, and learns method of managing and improving business productivity. Can reform the business plan and the management action to increase the business prouctivity while planning the productvity drive and vitalization of the team, effectively develp, nurture, and motivate the staff, and acquire the practical management approach, method, tool.

Impact Marketing

It is not only the basic theory and principle to grasp customer’s mind, but also the program to learn the practicing marketing technique proven in various industries. Acquire the practical example, process, activity method, and tool that achieve the effect in up-to-date marketing enterprise and be able to create and execute a concrete marketing plan and activity plan.

Expected Result

Acquire the rules and principle of business, total business process, practical sales skill and knowhow, and ability to create strategy.
Acquire the sucessful practical marketing and sales promotion knowhow and the tool with the up-to-date marketing theory.
Improve the business productivity by strengthening the existing customer business and new customer development, and strengthening the mutual trust with the customers.
Construct the flow and the mechanism of revolutionary business and marketing, and improve the productivity and the morale of the team.
Understand the strong point and the weakness as one’s business, create / practice a reinforced plan, and the strengthen the ability.

Example of improving business performance after introducing this program

  • The sales performance in a year increase to 40% compared with 3% increase in the average of the industry of last year.
  • In the communications industry, it expands the business by 500% ATCOM.
  • The turnover rate of Sales Department decreases sharply, and achieved cost saving of 129,000 dollars in the Volvo truck section.
Voice Of CustomerVoice Of Customer

These two ideas that thought about customer and my position with five principles of leading prospects of the customers and six stages of IMPACT served as my reference. I thought it is an attractive piece that can understand the progress of the situation at a glance that becomes the guidance of execution when thinking the assembly method of strategy on Parthenon from the market view on thinking how would it move concretely.
The best thing was the ability to see the objectively analysis of one’s characteristics.’
[Trade corporation Sales Head]