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Helping you and your organizations create "the system,, capability and culture of self-development" - It's our job.

The HPO creation is the professional of “Personnel training and organization innovation”.
We create High Performance Organization (high performance organization) by supporting responsibly to fulfill your needs from individual strength to the business innovation / organizational reformation upto the radical reformation such as leadership ability, sales ability, business capability obtained to the Global.


The important concept of values practiced is “Innovation”, “Customer value creation”, “Collaboration”, and “Continuous evolution and growth.

Description of business

  • High performance organization construction
    (organization innovation, management innovation,
    and personnel system reformation)
  •  The leader’s promotion and strengthening
  •  Construction of business & marketing system
  •  Nurturing and strengthening of global business skill
  •  Check organization and human resource


◎Why do you succeed?
— Secret of personnel training and organization innovation of HPO creation

It is said that the organization innovation fails more than 70 percent.

The cause is that many of reformations do not utilise the basic theory nor knowhow correctly, and stuck in partial supportive measures of the structural reformation and the institutional reformation etc.
Secret of the success in reformation_____. It is to change “Mechanism, ability, and culture of the organization” comprehensively.
The research of the personnel training by the scientific approach had already started in 1900 in Europe and America. Research progressed to “Development of Personnel training and management method” based on sociology, psychology, and the behavioral science, etc. started in 1950, and progress into “Organization development” project aimed at systematic performance enhancement.

The HPO creation performs the organization innovation by the theory and principle as axis that unites these “human resource development system” and “High performance organization development system”, and proves the its effect in various enterprises. It supports to construct the leadership, human resource, organizational ability, and culture in-house necessary to achieve vision and strategy surely as a partner our customer’s enterprises, and increase the “High performance organization (HPO)” that expands the business productivity itself.


Company outline

January 2003
1-15-2, Shinagawaintercity-A28F, Konan, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan (〒108-6028)
Founder & CEO
Yoshiharu Matsui  CEO Profile
Short list of clients
Abbott, AstraZeneca, Bayer, Deutsche Bank, Diageo-Kirin, GKN Driveline, Goldman Sachs, Hilton International, Kurabo, Manulife, Mitsui-Dupon Fluorochemical, NEC SCHOTT, Pfizer, Radison, Shraton Hotel, Shinshu Aviation Electronics, Solvay, Springer, Victrex, etc.
the Brooks Group, Heuston Partners International, Accelerance, Synermetrics, Target Training International
January 2003: Founded and started operation as a leadership and organization change facilitation company
October 2003: Started offering IMPACT Selling program working with the Brools Group
April 2004: Started Human Resources Management support, assisting Japan affiliate of SHRM
April 2005: Added human assessment support, working with Target Training International
November 2005: Revamped global leadership program with Heuston Partners International
April 2006: Upgraded executive coaching program partnering with Linkage
November 2006: Started M&A support program
April 2007: Started organization & employee opinion survey support working
October 2007: Added large-scale change programs through networking with ODN and US academia
March 2009: Started offering Regional Leadership program
December 2011: Started offering OD/OC course at Temple University
March 2012: Published “global leadership development” research paper
September 2013: Started offering a leading personality assessment, “Facet5,” partnering with Synermetrics