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Global Professional Skills

There is indispensability to produce the internationally valid business / skill in the organization which possess global enterprise in the customer and the competition. And, many of enterprises with the history for 100 years or more have the mechanism to improve the basic business skill and communications skills for all members of the staff. We are surely support the promotion of the professional human resource who produce result in the intensely competitive global business environment by providing skill reinforced program connected directly with the business / constructing the mechanism of human resource development / and supporting the
internal production of on-the-job training.

Program Characteristics

1. It is not only to learn an up-to-date theory and the principle of the cability strengthening, but also can acquire the business skill that proved in the various Global excellent enterprises. 
Can implant the correct effective business idea and skill in the mind, brain, and the body by participating on-site training but not by classroom training.
Certainly practice the learning and made plan by the action learning and following up and can receive practical advice.
The business productivity can be extended further by supporting the mechanism creation to plan the maintenance and strengthening the ability and the performance on the site.
Can receive the practical advice because the experienced global leader will facilitate.
Support the creation of the mechanism of the human resource development practiced in internal on-the-job training and global excellent enterprise, and can brew the human resource promotion culture.

Program Examples

Business management strengthening program that operates impact selling system, leads sales team in strategy, and learns method of managing and improving business productivity. Effectively develop, nurture and motivate the staff and innovate the business plan and manangement activity by acquiring the practical management approach, technique, and the tool to improve sales performance while planning the team vitalization and improve the productivity.

Global communication

Can acquire the listening ability, relationship-building, message compositional ability, transmission power, and presentation ability, etc. necessary to advance the business efficiently and effectively regardless of other party’s culture.

Creative issue solving skill

Strengthen the problem solving ability by improving the problem / issue discovery power, logical solution, creation type solution ability, concrete project, and the execution plan creation ability.

Strategic work skill

Learn the method and the principle of a strategic target setting, plan, preparation, and execution to be effective and efficiently advance the business in a limited time, and improve the business promotion ability.

Dynamic meeting management

Acquire the preparation, the progress method of effective meeting, principle, knowhow, and the tool etc. practiced in excellent Europe and America enterprises, and can plan in reducing the duplicate result of the meeting and unnecessary meeting.

Team building

Learn the approach of basic team creation, team strength building, activity, knowhow, principle and the tool so that the team within the department and within the department may effectively progress the business and project.

Business process innovation

Learn the improvement of the work and business process, and practical step of innovation, activities, and principles, etc. and create actual business process improvement policy, business improvement plan to plan the customer satisfaction achievement.

Win-Win negotiation

Program to learn negotiation method and Win-Win that can satisfy mutually and coexist. Learn effective negotiation step, principle, skill, and points not to fall into the pitfall, and strengthen the negotiation power.

Strategic planning

Not only the strategic theory but also acquire the strategic formulation and the execution plan practiced in selected enterprises, and finally can perform “Create the strategy to win” introduced on an actual work site.

Dynamic facilitation

Facilitator promotion program of professional in which result can be efficiently achieved. Learn the skill that can be used in various phases such as the method of team creation which has unity, power to decide the method of drawing out a lot of creative ideas and the method to solve a logical problem solution efficiently etc.


Voice Of CustomerVoice Of Customer

[Understood the thought on matter / method on progress / tool on business. Good to be able to understand the talk, technique to judge in constructive manner.]
[Chemical manufacturer mid-level employee]


[Converst in a one-sided view, idea, and the stereotype. Logically analyzed, however it help us to enlighten by thinking on object and removing the framework.]
[Service industry manager]