Building Leadership, Selling & Org Capability


Introducing New Ways to Building Exciting and Profitable Organization!
Key to strengthening business performance is to make systemic changes that can innovate people and organizational capability. It's simple as that, and that's how HPO Creation will help you.
  • Work process and people innovation, resulting in 30% cycle time improvement!
  • 15% business growth through improved Sales & Marketing capability!
  • Increased employee capability and satisfaction, resulting in reduced turnover!
Those are just a few examples of our program effects. We use very powerful people and organizational development models, principles and tools to help you maximize organizational capability to strengthen business results faster, with fewer resources. We are truely passionate about helping you become a real High Performance Organization (HPO).

In addition to our full scale Change Management and organizational transition programs, we also provide the following programs to address specific needs:
  • Leadership & Management Development
  • Business Strategy Development
  • Sales & Marketing Development
  • Business Skills Development
  • Business Process Improvement
  • Organization Development and HR System Development (including Change Management/Culture Change and Process Re-engineering)
  • Assessment (organization, teams and leaders/individuals)
  • Coaching (Executive/business/Career coaching)

Secrets of our customer satisfaction are as follows:
  • Effective business development and organizational change models that have been tested and proven at various Fortune 500 companies
  • Experienced consultants and facilitators who are committed to go extra miles to best satisfy customers
  • Our customized and flexible approach/programs to best meet different and unique needs of our clients
  • Thorough follow-up support to sustain improved capability, productivity and business results
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If you want to create an organization which continually enjoy market leadership, you must build both people and organizational capability - and that's where HPO Creation can significantly contribute.
Excellent business strategies or great product ideas will be waist if they cannot be executed through people and/or organization system. That's why we not only support strategic development, but also help build and strengthen people capability and organizational capacity to ensure successful implementation of strategies, product and service delivery.

Many of our clients are multi-national companies listed in Fortune 500 or those who have global customers, suppliers, competitors or multi-national employees.
Secret of our program effectiveness are 1) excellent programs that are built upon proven model, which have globally been implemented in many Fortune 500 companies and successfull, 2) excellent follow-up support to secure long-lasting program effectiveness, 3) our never-ending efforts to keep our programs always most updated with our global network and aliences, 4) excellent consultants and trainers who are truely dedicated and commited to the success of clients, and 5) last but not least, they have series of leadership and Executive experiences at various excellent Global companies listed in Fortune 500 in various industries.

Our clients like our resuls-driven approach -
improved business and productivity as well as better employee capability and morale. Not to mention, they also enjoy our thorough follow-up support to sustain improved results. We will never be satisfied unless our clients are satisfied!

We will guarantee your satisfaction. We will not be satisfied if you are not satisfied with the results you get from our programs. Therefore, if our program did not meet an agreed target, we will refund the fee.

Together, we will create High Performance Organization which can bring out the best in your people to continuously achieve target results.

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Holistic Innovation & Improvements to Transform to High Performance Organization
(Note) "High Performance Organization/HPO" is here defined as "organization that has right elements and infrastructure to bring out best in people and continually achieve leadership business results.

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